Fairy Tale of Bristol

Magical new Fairy Tale set in the beautiful city of Bristol, South West England.

With a sprinkling of history this book will captivate young readers. 

The story

When you walk the streets of Bristol you walk with pirates, ghosts and giants. The weight of history bears down upon your shoulders; some good tales, some bad.

When Isabelle, Rose and Seth move from the countryside to the city, a world of legends and fairy tales is theirs to explore. They embark on an adventure around the historic heart of the city, guided by their new friends, the fairies of Brandon Hill.

About the author

Mother of three and a former Primary Teacher. Talie grew up on a Cornish farm where her playground was the woods and streams near their home and where her imagination could run wild. 

Talie moved to the city with her husband and children in 2014 and was keen to get children interested in their local history, so each story (there are 4 books planned in this series) has elements of historical fact and legend, in a gentle fashion. 

Talie also works as a Horticultural TV Producer (BBC Your Garden Made Perfect, BBC Chelsea Flower Show, BBC Gardeners’ World) 

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