Book review - Urban Flowers

Garden Designer Carolyn Dunster’s book Urban Flowers is set to become the city gardener’s bible. Not too big, not too small, this is a book for every city or small-plot gardener to guide them through everything from soil type to design, plant choices to preserving flowers.

It’s an easy read; jam-packed with gorgeous photos and full of interesting tips, colour combos and mini projects. Everything you need to know to create, maintain and enjoy your urban space.

Has Carolyn coined the term ‘Rurban’? If not then I shall happily give it to her as pure genius as it really sums up that feel of a little piece of countryside for your city pad. She gives the reader a sample of how to get the look, alongside two other styles - Classic and Contemporary.

With simple but practical instructions Urban Flowers shows how to evaluate your existing space and create a simple but stylish design. She gives ideas for filling every nook and cranny as well as some fabulous pot planting in a range of containers to suit every budget. Alot of thought has gone into how the city gardener needs to make the most of every bit of space as well as cheap and cheerful ways to achieve your desired look.

Once you’ve designed your perfect garden Carolyn tells you how to plant it, what colours work together for planting and provides some fun but not-too-tricky mini projects to get you out there enjoying your garden. Her final flourish is a delightful selection of floral edible treats. A perfect choice for the city gardener.

‘Creating abundunce in a small city garden’ Carolyn Dunster

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