Bring on the girls at Chelsea Flower Show 2016

Bring on the girls at Chelsea Flower Show 2016 ! A whopping 10 female designers will be creating gardens in the three categories, with 5 of them on main avenue alone. That’s a pretty impressive turn out and I’m sure Sue Biggs, Director-General of the RHS, will be over-the-moon; last year she bemoaned the lack of women designers: her cry was heard!

In the Show Garden category we’ll see Jo Thompson, Catherine MacDonald, Hay Hwang, Chihori Shibiyama and Rosy Hardy. In the Artisan Gardens we’ll find Sarah Eberle and Alison Doxley. In the Fresh Gardens we’ll meet Juliet Sargeant, Tatyana Goltsova and Claudy Jongstra.

Hopefully this will prove a fabulous show for them all and stamp out once and for all any suspicion that girlie gardeners just aren’t up to it. Girl power!

Here are the 10 gardens they’ll be working on.

Photo credits: RHS press images

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