Edible winter pot planting

As another series of BBC Gardeners’ World draws to an exhausted end and the team take a well-earned break I can turn my thoughts back to my own garden. All Spring and Summer I have neglected my little plot whilst busy filming so as the sun came out I headed merrily off to the garden centre to shop.

My first self-designated task were the two pots that sit either side of our front gate.  The pots themselves are very formal so they suit this kind of situation and I wanted them to be symmetrically planted for the same reasons. The pots themselves were a find at an auction about 15 years ago and have seen many homes since then! 

First I replenished the existing compost, taking out the worst of the old and checking the drainage holes were still free. I added more fresh compost - a multipurpose with some added John Innes. This should give them good drainage and enough nutrients to last until I repot them in early summer.

The pots are in a sunny position for most of the day.  I’m not a huge traditionalist when it comes to container plants and since my husband is a wonderful cook, the plants I chose were mainly herbs, with a few pretties for some colour although of course you can add pansies and violas to your salads too! I even managed to add an extra dimension by popping in some bulbs so hopefully these pots will give interest for quite a few months, with the added bonus of being edible!

In each pot I used a Rosemary, a Sage, a Thyme and then added yellow pansies and purple violas for some colour. The bulbs dotted amongst the other plants are Tete-a-Tete narcissi and Ruby Giant crocus. Nothing too fancy and all easily found at any good garden centre or even your local greengrocers.

Winter pots can be tricky and there is the temptation to fill them with multi-coloured pansies, mini-shrubs and blue painted heathers (eugh!) so hopefully this has given you a tasty alternative.

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