Plot with a view - year one on our Bristol allotment

As our first year of allotmenteering reaches its fruition ( pun intended) I look back with many happy memories on what turned out to be the best idea we ever had. When we applied for a plot in the basin of Bristol we were told it would be a potential two year wait but exactly one year later we were in. 

It wasn’t just any old site either; it sits on the banks of the River Avon, with access to the tow path, and it’s crowing glory - a view of the majestic Clifton Suspension Bridge. Henceforth it became our ‘plot with a view’

So began a year of activity: we have cleared, burned, dug, mulched, built, mowed, planted, cooked and eaten on our precious plot.  We have watched balloons soar, trains rumble and children thrive. Our three joyous offspring have taken to this new life better than I could have ever hoped for. Being Cornish born-and-bred and ripped from their native land ( well thats how some might have seen it ) this little piece of rural life has transformed city-dwelling prisoners into bug-hunting, den-building urbanites and it has given me so pleasure to stop feeling guilty about this move to the city and enjoy watching the antics of three busy children with a world opened up to them.  

They have made bug hotels, sourced new inhabitants, dug for worms, picked fresh fruit and stuffed themselves till pink in the cheeks, made new friends of all ages, learnt about community, watched in awe as balloons soared through blue skies above us, observed the clouds, the birds, the insects, painted with mud, made fairy homes, climbed trees and my favourite of all - they have enjoyed each other’s company in ways so different from living in a house together. Above all I hope that this has given them a sibling relationship that will last forever. It’s certainly given my husband and I memories to treasure.  

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