1. Plants for a coastal garden

    15 Jul 2015
    My latest article on Intogardens website, all about the best plants for coastal gardens. With beautiful photography by Mark Ashbee

  2. Garden writing links on other websites

    09 Jul 2015
    You can find my garden articles hidden all over the internet!  Here’s one on the Gap gardens page all about the beauty of spring plants unfurling, with amazing photos of course! There are several on the website and app, And even one on the RHS…

  3. Hampton Court Flower Show

    01 Jul 2015
    Change of pace: after the exhilerating craziness that can only describe Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court was a breeze. Every time I passed over the Longwater I had to stop, take a breath and indulge in the glory that is this fabulous location. Whoever came up with a flower show…

  4. Gardens Illustrated Festival April 18th Malmesbury

    12 Apr 2015
    Gardens Illustrated Festival April 18th Malmesbury I am thrilled, slightly bewildered but mainly proud to have been asked to give advice on Garden Design at the sparkly new Gardens Illustrated Festival being held in the pretty village of Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Actually I’ve never been to Malmesbury but Google tells me…

  5. The Easter bunny - a gardener’s pest.

    17 Mar 2015
    The Easter bunny - a gardener’s pest With Easter goodies now filling the shelves I’m reminded of the cute little bunnies that decimate many plants in coastal gardens. My trials and tribulations with rabbits in the gardens of Cornwall prompted research into a list of plants that I have found…

  6. Previous blogs

    11 Mar 2015
    Please take a look at my previous blog site which has all sorts of interesting articles, including more about the Chelsea Flower show - ’Musings of a Cornish gardener in the city‘.All new posts will be published here at Ash & Bee!

  7. Time to get fresh at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015

    09 Mar 2015
    Time to get fresh at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2015 Unlike the Show gardens and the Artisan gardens, the Fresh category at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show gets a little complicated. Where I can explain to you the designs and themes of those gardens, the ‘fresh’ have a mind…

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