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  1. Gardens in the press

    28 Sep 2015

    Nothings beats seeing one of my gardens in the press; makes it all worthwhile to know people love the properties and want to holiday there! Here are a few Treverra on Treverra on Conde Nast website Treverra in House and Garden magazine Penrich on the Perfect Stays website Treverra…

  2. Exterior designer for hire… or Garden Designer… or Home designer…?!

    15 Sep 2015

    It’s been niggling me for a while now that interior designers seem to have a better street cred (and salary) on the whole than garden designers, so I’m wondering whether to re-title myself as an Exterior Designer?  It sounds rather grand but it’s so hard to pin one title to…

  3. Garden Designer Natalie Ashbee

    25 Aug 2015

    Ash & Bee Gardens was established in 2003 (formerly trading as Natalie Ashbee Gardens) and grew from the maintenance of small gardens to the landscape and planting design of high-end new properties in Cornwall I relocated to Clifton in Bristol in Spring 2014 with my photographer husband Mark and our…

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